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New York Knicks Info

Where do the New York Knicks play their home games?

The New York Knicks play their home games at Madison Square Garden.

Where will The New York Knicks be playing?

The New York Knicks are not currently playing.

What Are The Best Ways To Get The Cheapest Knicks Tickets?

Take Advantage of Last-Minute Deals

Consider Weekday Games and Weaker Opponents

If you're flexible with your schedule, attending weekday games can often be more affordable than weekend games. Weekday games tend to have lower demand, resulting in lower ticket prices. Additionally, consider attending games against weaker opponents. While watching the Knicks take on a top-tier team may be exciting, tickets for these games are often more expensive. Opting for games against less popular teams can help you find better deals.

Consider Road Games

If attending a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden is out of your budget, consider catching them on the road. When the Knicks play away games, ticket prices can be more affordable compared to home games. You'll still get to experience the thrill of watching your favorite team in action, albeit in a different city.

By following these tips, you can find cheap New York Knicks tickets that fit your budget. Whether you choose to take advantage of last-minute deals, or explore the secondary market, there are plenty of options available to ensure you don't miss out on the excitement of Knicks basketball.

What Are The Best Seats at Madison Square Garden for Knicks Games?

Madison Square Garden offers a variety of seating options for Knicks games, each with its advantages. Here are some of the best seat categories to consider:
  • Lower Level Sideline: These seats provide an excellent view of the action and put you closer to the court. They offer a balanced perspective and allow you to witness the players' athleticism and the game's intricate details.
  • Chase Bridges: Located above the lower level, the Chase Bridges offer a unique vantage point. These elevated seats provide a bird's-eye view of the court, giving you a broader perspective of the game and allowing you to appreciate the strategic elements of play.
  • Club Seats: Madison Square Garden features several club seating areas, such as the Delta Sky360 Club and Madison Club. Club seats offer premium amenities like comfortable seating, upscale dining options, and exclusive lounges. They provide a luxurious experience while maintaining good sightlines to the court.
  • Courtside Seats: For the ultimate VIP experience, courtside seats put you just a few feet away from the action. These seats offer an unparalleled view and the opportunity to witness the players up close, hear the sounds of the game, and feel the energy of the crowd.
  • 200-Level Seats: These are located on the second tier of the arena and provide a good balance of proximity to the court and a broader view of the action. They often offer a good value, combining decent sightlines with a more affordable price than lower-level seating.
Ultimately, the "best" seat depends on your preferences, budget, and desired experience. Consider proximity to the court, overall view, amenities, and personal comfort when selecting the perfect seat for your Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

Knicks Premium Seating Options at MSG

Fans seated in the premium seats near center ice/centercourt on the lower seating tier (sections 106-108 and 116-118) will have access to the Club Bar and Grill, which features sit-down dining tables, a large bar and multiple televisions. In-seat wait service is also included for fans in these seats (all food and drink cost extra).

Rows 1-7 are part of the Corner Club, which means the first seven rows of the corner sections on the lower level are included. These seats come with access to the Club Bar and Grill and fans will enjoy in-seat wait service throughout the game.

Fans seated in sections 7-9 are a part of Club Blue. Amenities here include in-seat wait service an access to the Club Bar and Grill with sit-down dining tables, a large bar and multiple televisions. Ticket holders in the Club Blue seats will also be able to enter the arena through a private club-only entrance.

Do Knicks Tickets Sell Out?

While many Knicks home games sell out on the primary market, TicketIQ has seats available for all Knicks games.

Do Children Need Their Own Tickets to Attend a Knicks Games?

Children under two years old do not need a ticket to attend Knicks games at Madison Square Garden. An adult must accompany those children, and the child must sit on a parent or guardian’s la

Are Parking Passes Available On TicketIQ For Knicks Games?

Yes. You can purchase parking passes for every Knicks game on TicketIQ. Click the "Parking" filter for each game to view all available listings.

New York Knicks Playoff Tickets

New York Knicks playoff tickets are available on TicketIQ for all games at Madison Square Garden or on the road. Ticket prices for the NBA playoffs are usually significantly higher than the regular season, so monitoring the primary and secondary ticket markets to find your best deal is essential.

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Primary market single-game tickets Knicks home playoff games are available via Ticketmaster, but are mostly sold out.  

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Primary market single-game tickets are available via Ticketmaster

Where to Find Madison Square Garden Premium Seating and Club Options

On the secondary market, TicketIQ has Fee-Free tickets for all events at Madison Square Garden which also include a Refund Guarantee. Our Refund Guarantee states that if an event is canceled or deemed unfit for fans to attend, TicketIQ will refund ticket buyers in as soon as 15 days. That means that you can buy from TicketIQ worry-free. Customers on TicketIQ save between 15%-25% compared to other secondary market ticketing sites.

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