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Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals

M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore, MD

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NFL Preseason: New York Giants vs. Cincinnati Bengals

From $7+
MetLife Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ

NFL Preseason: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Rams

From $18+
Paycor Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

From $256+
Paycor Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Dallas Cowboys vs. Cincinnati Bengals

From $80+
AT&T Stadium - Arlington, TX

New York Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals

From $55+
MetLife Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Miami Dolphins

From $155+
Paycor Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals

M&T Bank Stadium - Baltimore, MD

New Orleans Saints vs. Cincinnati Bengals

From $155+
Caesars Superdome - New Orleans, LA

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Atlanta Falcons

Paycor Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals

From $115+
FirstEnergy Stadium - Cleveland - Cleveland, OH

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Carolina Panthers

From $69+
Paycor Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals

From $100+
Acrisure Stadium - Pittsburgh, PA

Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals

From $87+
Nissan Stadium - Nashville - Nashville, TN

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

From $126+
Paycor Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns

Paycor Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Date: TBD)

Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, FL

New England Patriots vs. Cincinnati Bengals

From $173+
Gillette Stadium - Foxborough, MA

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills

From $116+
Paycor Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens (Date: TBD)

Paycor Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Bengals Info

How Much Do Cincinnati Bengals Tickets Cost?

Depending on the game, Cincinnati Bengals tickets can be priced well above or well below face value on the secondary market, but with No Fees, TicketIQ can get you into MetLife Stadium for 10-20% less than other secondary ticket sites. The cheapest ticket price for the next NFL Preseason: New York Giants vs. Cincinnati Bengals game at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, August 21 is currently $7.00 and the average ticket price is $101.86. The most expensive ticket for this NFL Preseason: New York Giants vs. Cincinnati Bengals game is $11,864.00. No matter what seats you're looking for, you'll get the best deals on your tickets at TicketIQ because we have no fees and what you see is what you pay.

Where do the Cincinnati Bengals play their home games?

The Cincinnati Bengals play their home games at Paycor Stadium.

Cincinnati Bengals Info

The Cincinnati Bengals are in the AFC North Division of the National Football League. The team has never won a Super Bowl title, most recently appearing in 2022 against the Los Angeles Rams. The 3 teams in their division that they play regularly are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Baltimore Ravens

Why should I buy Cincinnati Bengals tickets on TicketIQ?

TicketIQ has FEE FREE Cincinnati Bengals tickets. Unlike most secondary market ticket sites, TicketIQ has no added fees. That means that the price you see is the price you pay. Because of this, TicketIQ customers save 10-20% on Cincinnati Bengals tickets compared to other secondary market ticket sites.

Customers looking for Cincinnati Bengals tickets will also see a data-driven A to F rating for each ticket deal seen on the TicketIQ platform. Ratings are based on other tickets in similar sections for Cincinnati Bengals tickets. Our buying experience also provides the ability to filter by aisle seats, 1st row in section as well as other options like ADA access and the ability to hide obstructed view seats.

In addition to the best deals, the TicketIQ blog offers the most up-to-date data on ticket trends. TicketIQ is the best option for anyone looking to save money and find great seats for their next live event experience.

Are Cincinnati Bengals tickets on TicketIQ guaranteed?

Yes. All Cincinnati Bengals ticket sales on TicketIQ are guaranteed and you can read our guarantee here, where we ensure you will receive an authentic and valid ticket, and that you will receive your tickets with ample time ahead of the event. You can track the status of your order directly from the TicketIQ account page.

TicketIQ has a rigorous process of screening every seller that lists a ticket on our site, and we work with over 1,000 independent ticket sellers, as well as teams and venues that list on our site directly to reach secondary market buyers.

TicketIQ also has an elite seller program, noted with a ribbon icon on the ticket listing, to indicate which sellers are not only reliable but also have a record of speedy order confirmation and on-time delivery. If any issues arise when you are trying to find your Cincinnati Bengals tickets, please contact us directly, and visit our Contact Us page for all contact options, including our urgent support phone number.

How Much Are Cincinnati Bengals Tickets?

Most NFL teams have three or four levels at their venues, with the 100 level being the most expensive and 400-500 levels less expensive. Upper-level seats behind the end zones are usually cheaper than sideline seats. The closer to midfield, the more expensive tickets get. The cheapest tickets for NFL teams start under $40 for lower-demand teams. Higher demand teams in major markets have tickets that start from $100 or more. Seats on the field level are the most expensive tickets for any team, and are often hard to find, as they're in very high demand. Major team rivalry games can also be 25-50% more than the average tickets for any team, and most teams have a couple major rivals that can impact prices.

How To Find Discounted Cincinnati Bengals Tickets?

To find the cheapest Cincinnati Bengals tickets, it's important to check both the primary and secondary ticket markets. Based on the demand for a given event, resale marketplaces like TicketIQ may be more or less expensive than face value options available through primary ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster, AXS, and SeatGeek. Weekend rivalry games are typically the most expensive game, while weekday games against lesser opponents are the best way to get to a game for cheap. For sporting events that take place every year, it's important to know when the event is actually going on sale, which is typically the middle of the off-season. Teams often adjust prices dynamically in-season, which can impact both face-value and resale ticket prices. For fans willing to make a commitment by purchasing season tickets, prices are typically 10%-20% below single-game face value prices.

Where Are the Cheapest Cincinnati Bengals tickets?

If you are looking for the cheapest Cincinnati Bengals tickets, the last 10 rows of the upper level are usually the least expensive for any NFL game. Tickets behind the end-zones are typically cheaper than sections on the sidelines. For most Cincinnati Bengals games, tickets can be found for under $50, with some as low as $10 for the lowest-demand match-ups of the season. With that being said, at Paul Brown Stadium there are no bad locations to view a game. Even the most inexpensive seats still provide fans with a very enjoyable game experience.

Where Are The Most Expensive Cincinnati Bengals Tickets?

If you are looking for more expensive Cincinnati Bengals tickets, lower-level seats are the best place to look. Field level seats on the sidelines will usually cost more than other ones in the stadium. Tickets right at the 50 yard line are often amongst the most expensive sections for NFL venues. Additionally, club suites are considered some of the premier locations at Paul Brown Stadium. Resale sites like TicketIQ and StubHub often don't list suite options, which means you'll need to visit the team site directly to purchase those.

When Do Cincinnati Bengals Tickets Go On Sale?

Cincinnati Bengals schedules are released 4 months ahead of the next season, usually in early-May. Tickets are immediately available on the secondary market via season-ticket holders, however, teams don't typically put face-value single-game tickets on-sale until closer the season, usually in January. Promotional and theme night schedules are released even closer to the start of the season, and teams will often wait to put other big games on-sale until closer to the actual date of the game.

What if the Cincinnati Bengals game is Canceled or Postponed?

If the Cincinnati Bengals event is canceled and will not occur at a later date, we will send you an email that will offer you the opportunity to be issued a credit in the amount of 110% of the original cost or receive a refund for the full cost of the Cincinnati Bengals tickets, including service fees and shipping and handling charges.

If the event is postponed or rescheduled, you may use the tickets on the rescheduled date. We aim to make sure that if the event does not occur when scheduled, Cincinnati Bengals ticket buyers are fully taken care of. Let us know if you have any questions about how this process works or if you need help receiving a refund for your Cincinnati Bengals tickets.

How will I receive my Cincinnati Bengals tickets?

Most Cincinnati Bengals tickets are now delivered via mobile transfer or the Cincinnati Bengals app using the email used to place your order. You will then pull up your tickets on your phone to have them scanned when you enter the venue. You can also use the Cincinnati Bengals app to manage and transfer your tickets.

Before entering the venue, make sure that you can access your Cincinnati Bengals tickets on your mobile device. If you cannot find the tickets on your device, check your email to find detailed instructions on how to proceed. And if there are any issues, contact our customer service representatives for timely assistance.

Make sure that when entering the venue you or someone in your group has a charged mobile device on hand to access tickets so that they can be scanned at the turnstile. To make things easier, most devices allow you to add your virtual ticket to your phone’s mobile wallet, which makes the ticket easier to access and also eliminates the issues that could arise if WiFi is slow.

How To Get Field Seats To the Cincinnati Bengals Game?

Field level seats are some of the most desirable seats to sit in at the Cincinnati Bengals game. On TicketIQ, we will usually have inventory available for these sections. And if you cannot find these tickets on the secondary market, go directly through the team. Field seats are the closest one can get to the action, so they should not be hard to find when looking at the Paul Brown Stadium seating chart.

Are there VIP/Premium Options at Cincinnati Bengals Games?

Every NFL team has club and premium seats, some of which are available on the secondary market, with others only available directly through the team, either by calling on the phone or purchasing directly through their site. Older NFL venues typically have suite sections above the lower level, while the current trend being to build out more unique lower-level premium options that bring you closer to the action as opposed to further away. Most premium and VIP options come with in-seat waiter service, private restrooms/parking, separate entrances to avoid waiting in line, and the ability to pick-up tickets that have been left with a ticket concierge. The most expensive areas also come with all-inclusive alcohol and food service.

What Time Do Gates Open For Cincinnati Bengals Games?

If you’d like to show up early to the Cincinnati Bengals game, expect doors to open 90 minutes before kickoff. This is standard for all most NFL games, although there may be variation. If you’d like to arrive well before the game, Paul Brown Stadium has tons of bars/restaurants, concessions, etc. that are sure to keep you entertained. Many fans like to arrive early to settle into their seating locations.

Do Cincinnati Bengals Tickets Sell Out?

Cincinnati Bengals games rarely sell out, however, tickets in lower level sections sell out much quicker than tickets in the upper levels, and have more limited availability across primary and secondary ticket sites. That said, resale marketplaces like TicketIQ are often cheaper than face-value tickets even if the game is not sold out, especially for upper level seats.

How To Get To A Cincinnati Bengals Game?

Exploring transportation options is vital when planning out your Cincinnati Bengals experience. Driving is always a reliable option, but most cities will have metro options if that is preferable. Make sure that you have a plan in place before you venture towards Paul Brown Stadium. If you live close enough to the venue, walking would be the cheapest option. No matter how you get there though, being well prepared will surely add to your Cincinnati Bengals game experience.

How to get Cincinnati Bengals Playoff Tickets?

The top 7 teams in each conference will secure a spot in the NFL playoffs. The No. 1 seed in each conference earns a bye to the NFL Divisional Round, while the other six teams are matched up based on seeding in the Wild Card Round with the higher seed hosting each match.  The winners of the Divisional Round will face off in the NFC and AFC Championship games. The winners of the conference finals will then face off in the Super Bowl, which is held a neutral location each February.

Cincinnati Bengals in The Modern Age

While the team has not had much success since Paul Brown's passing in 1991, the tide is certainly turning. After the hiring of head coach Zac Taylor in 2019, the team has been getting progressively better. Under the leadership of Taylor and young QB Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals have made it back to the Super Bowl in 2022. They will be playing the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium.

Cincinnati Bengals Origin

Over the years the Bengals have become staples in the AFC, alongside teams such as the Steelers, Chiefs, Browns, etc.. The team started in the AFL in 1968, being founded by Paul Brown. Brown, who had also co-founded the Cleveland Browns, would also serve as head coach and team president throughout his time in Cincinnati. By the time he passed away in 1991, the Bengals had made it to two Super Bowls, falling short each time.

Cincinnati Bengals Club & Premium Seating Options

Paul Brown Stadium has the following premium seating ticket options: Club Seats and suites.

Club Seats Members have private entrances for the club lounge. They also have these amenities: NFL Sunday Ticket on high-definition televisions, padded and wider seats, and 10 percent discount at the Bengals Pro Shop and online. There are many more amenities, including opportunities to get pre-game field passes.

There are also suites options at Paul Brown Stadium: full-season and single-game suites. Each suite includes complimentary VIP parking passes, private restrooms, and in-suite visits by Bengals legends. There may also be the opportunity to get pre-game sideline passes.

Division Standings

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